A correspondent of the Southern Presbyterian, in a narrative of the “last days of Battery Wagner,” thus writes:

In one case, a squad of six men was ordered to repair a parapet, which the enemy had cut down, and were still at work upon. They started out, and almost instantly a shell burst among them, killing one and wounding four; the remaining man picked up his sand-bag, and walked up to the breach without a moment’s hesitation. the next squad was called, and went up to the work in just the same manner. A ten-inch columbind, loaded, was dismounted by the enemy’s shot, fell over, and pointed directly at a magazine, its carriage took fire, and the officers who ran up to it, tried in vain to extinguish the fire, by shovelling sand upon it. They called for volunteers, but the cannonade was too furious. Many shrank; it was not a command, but an invitation. At last, one gallant fellow rushed up, joined the officers in their work, got the fire under, and came down, thank God, in perfect safety.

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