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It may be interesting to know the state of Gen. Hayes’ thoughts and feelings just before entering upon that desperate conflict in the Wilderness, where he lost his life. In a letter written upon the morning on which the march commenced, he says:

“This morning was beautiful, for

‘Lightly and brightly shone the sun,
As if the morn was a jocund one.’

“Although we were anticipating to march at eight o’clock, it might have been an appropriate harbinger of the day of the regeneration of mankind; but it only brought to remembrance, through the throats of many bugles, that duty enjoined upon each one, perhaps, before the setting sun, to lay down a life for his country.”

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A SOLDIER in the field sent the following appeal to the boys to volunteer:

I’ve left my home and all my friends,
And crossed the mountains craggy,
To fight the foe and traitor bands,
And left my own dear Maggie.

But now old Jeff is doomed to fall;
The traitor dogs do yelp;
But why leave us to do it all?
Why don’t you come and help?

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When the gallant Capt. Simonds, of the Fifteenth Massachusetts regiment, fell at the battle of Antietam, Lieut.-Col. Kimball took the dying man’s sword off, and, handing to Serg. Murkland, said: “I want you to take this sword, and lead this company; will you do it?” He answered gallantly, “I will do so–anywhere you may order.” This noble answer, made in the face of death and danger, won for him a Captain’s commission.

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A fine-looking negro went into the Union lines on the Potomac, and reported himself for work.

“Where are you from?” asked the officer on duty.

“Culpepper Court House, sar.”

“What’s the news down there?”

“Nothing, massa, ‘cept dar’s a man down dar lost a mighty good and valuable nigger dis morning, and I reckon he dun lose more afore night.”

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