An officer under the Government called at the Executive Mansion, accompanied by a clerical friend. “Mr. President,” said he, “allow me to present to you my friend, the Rev. M. F., of _____. Mr. F. has expressed a desire to see you, and have some conversation with you, and I am happy to be the means of introducing him.” The President shook hands with Mr. F., and desiring him to be seated, took a seat himself. Then,–his countenance having assumed an expression of patient waiting,–he said, “I am now ready to hear what you have to say.” “O, bless you, sir,” said Mr. F., “I have nothing special to say. I merely called to pay my respects to you, and, as one of the million, to assure you of my hearty sympathy and support.” “My dear sir,” said the President, rising promptly, his face showing instant relief, and with both hands grasping that of his visitor, “I am very glad to see you; I am very glad to see you, indeed. I thought you had come to preach to me!”

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