The following incident illustrates how desirous the volunteers are to obey orders, and the good result of their efforts:

I suppose you will see that I have written mother’s letter with a pencil, and yours with pen and ink. It is because we have just had a lot of pen-holders and pens given us by the government. We have also had a box and a half of shoe-blacking given to each man. You will remember that in my last letter I stated that G. F., one of the privates, had no shoes. When the Colonel gave us the blacking he said he wanted us to look as much alike as possible. So G. F. went to work and blacked his feet and polished them; and when the Colonel came along on dress parade, he asked F. why he did that. He replied, “To look as much alike as possible.”–The Colonel burst out laughing, and went, after parade, to the store and bought him a pair of shoes with his own money

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