The following incident is connected with the remarkable escape of Morgan from his Northern imprisonment:

Having made application to two respectable citizens of Clayton, Rabun County, Georgia, for a night’s lodgings, and been refused because they thought he was an impostor, and recognized him, Mr. N—- invited him to his house, where he spent the night. Meantime, it had been currently reported in the village and vicinity, that an impostor, pretending to be John Morgan, was at the house of Mr. N—– . Next morning about twenty of the “Home Guards” assembled, and, under the direction of their efficient Captain, arrested him. He quietly submitted, and assured them that, if he failed to prove his identity, he would accompany them to Atlanta. About this time, one or two gentlemen, who had seen him, recognized him, and some facts were developed which satisfied the Home Guards that they had captured the veritable John H. Morgan! Of course, he was at once released. Before leaving, he addressed the crowd briefly, commending, in the highest terms, the vigilance they displayed; advised them to arrest all persons who could not give a satisfactory account of themselves; and closed with the playful remark that twenty men had accomplished, in Rabun, what it required forty thousand in Ohio to do!

The crowd gave nine cheers for Morgan, and he proceeded on his way to Walhalla.

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