The following occurred on board the steamer Canada during her passage from Dubuque to St. Louis.

In the evening while many of the passengers were engaged in conversation, others whiling away their time at “euchre,” while some more rude perhaps, with the ribald jest and ungentlemanly oath, were passing the evening away, a young man seated himself at one of the tables, and engaged in reading his Bible. Another, and still another took their places around this temporary altar, until nearly all of that little band of soldiers, numbering about twenty, were reading the Scriptures. An aged man took his station in their midst. He had a pious and venerable air, for his hoary locks proclaimed that many a winter had passed over his head. There, those farming boys, with that old man, formed a group, whose actions indeed were worthy of all commendation. The creaking machinery of the boat, the dirge-like music of the wind, was loud; yet, above the clatter, all things else, we know those boys were heard in heaven, and that their prayers will be answered! Their Bibles, precious gift of home, are sacred with them, and will shield them too, when the glittering mail of yore would fall. Parents and friends of home, fear not for such brave sons, who, relying on Heaven, are not ashamed nor afraid to praise God, and do battle for the Star-Spangled Banner.

These were soldiers of the regular army enlisted in Dubuque, by Captain Washington.

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