The ladies of Augusta, Me., distributed over fifty bushels of doughnuts to the Third Volunteer regiment of Maine, previous to their departure for the seat of war in 1861. a procession of ladies, headed by music, passed between double lines of troops, who presented arms, and were afterwards drawn up in hollow square to receive the welcome dough-nation.

Never before was seen such an aggregate of doughnuts since the world began. The circumambient air was redolent of doughnuts. Every breeze sighed doughnuts–everybody talked of doughnuts. The display of doughnuts beggared description. There was the molasses doughnut and the sugar doughnut–the long doughnut and the square doughnut–the rectangular doughnut and the triangular doughnut–the single twisted doughnut and the double twisted doughnut–the “light riz” doughnut and the hard-kneaded doughnut–the straight solid doughnut and the circular doughnut, with a hole in the centre. There were doughnuts of all imaginary kinds, qualities, shapes, and dimensions. It was emphatically a feast of doughnuts, if not a flow of soul.

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