During the autumn of 1862, a general rally was made by the women of Princeton, Iowa, and vicinity, to prepare a large amount of bandages, lint, &c., for the use of wounded soldiers. Among the donations made, were several rolls of bandages prepared by Mrs. Field, into which she placed a card bearing her name and address. A few days ago, she received a letter from a Lieutenant at Fayetteville, Ark., stating that after the dreadful battle of Prairie Grove, as he was assisting to dress the wound of Willie F. B. Culbertson, of this place, and who has since died, and was unrolling the bandage, a card dropped out, which Willie at once recognized, with delight, to be from an acquaintance of his own town. It was a strange circumstance, that a gift, after passing so far, and through so many hands, should at last be used on one of the donor’s own neighbors; but it may be only one of the thousands of instances in which the noble women of the North shall see, after this struggle is closed, the fruit of their labors, like “bread cast upon the waters,” after many days. The kindness that the brave defenders of our nation has and will receive from their mothers, wives, sisters, and friends at home, is, no doubt, received with grateful hearts while living, and will not be forgotten, though they be, like Willie, “far beyond the rolling river,” where the strife of battle is never known.

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