A Yankee captain, captured in the battles beyond Richmond, was brought to some brigadier’s headquarters. Being fatigued, he laid down under a tree to rest. Pretty soon Gen. Lee and staff rode up. The Yankee asked who he was, and when told, praised his soldierly appearance in extravagant terms. Not long after Jackson and his staff rode up. When told that that was Jackson, the Yankee bounced to his feet in great excitement, showing that he was much more anxious to see Old Stonewall than Lee. He gazed at him a long time. “And that’s Stonewall Jackson?” “Yes.” “Waal, I swan he ain’t much for looks;” and with that he laid down and went to sleep.

During the same battles, a straggler who had built a nice fire in the old field and was enjoying it all to himself, observed what he took to be a squad of cavalry. The man in front seemed to be reeling in his saddle. The straggler ran out to him and said, “Look here, old fellow, you are mighty happy. Where do you get your liquor from? Give me some, I’m as dry as a powder-horn.” Imagine his feelings when he found it was Jackson–the most ungraceful rider in the army, and who naturally sways from side to side.

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