A story is told of the veteran Sumner at the battle of Antietam. His son, young Captain Sumner, a youth of twenty-one, was on his staff. The old man calmly stood, amidst a storm of shot and shells, and turned to send him through a doubly raging fire, upon a mission of duty. He might never see his boy again, but his country claimed his life, and, as he looked upon his young brow, he grasped his hand, encircled him in his arms, and fondly kissed him. “Good-by, Sammy,” “Good-by, father,” and the youth, mounting his horse, rode gayly on the message. He returned unharmed, and again his hand was grasped with a cordial “How d’ye do, Sammy?” answered by a grasp of equal affection. The scene was touching to those around.

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