One day a staff officer caught him with a Bible in his hand, and said:

“General, do you ever search the Scriptures?”

Gen. Lander replied: “My mother gave me a Bible, which I have always carried with me. Once in the Rocky Mountains I had only fifteen pounds of flour. We used to collect grasshoppers at four o’clock in the day, to catch some fish for our supper at night. It was during the Mormon war, and my men desired to turn back. I was then searching for a route for the wagon road. ‘I will turn back if the Bible says so,’ said I, ‘and we will take it as an inspiration.’ I opened the book at the following passage:

“‘Go on, and search the mountain, and the gates of the city shall not be shut against you.'”

All concurred in the definite statement of the passage, and the heroic explorer once more led his men into the wild country of the Indians.

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