A war correspondent of a New Orleans paper wrote thus from Jackson, Tenn.:

“An officer of my acquaintance, who is inordinately fond of ‘fritters,’ just dropped into a dwelling at Jackson a day or two since, where this delicacy was smoking hot upon the table, and very politely asked to share the meal with the landlady. She graciously complied, and asked him to be seated. ‘Will you take the “twinkley twinkle,” or on the “dab”?’ My friend was entirely ignorant of the meaning of these terms, but at a venture chose the former. He was soon enlightened. The ancient female dipped her not over clean fingers into a tumbler of molasses standing beside her, and allowing the drippings to fall on the delicacy, presented it to him as ‘twinkley twinkle.’ ‘On the dab,’ was a spoonful of treacle upon the centre of the fritter.”

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