A member of a Wisconsin regiment related the following: Our boys sometimes come great tricks over the secesh planters for the purpose of securing a prize from their hen-roosts, garden, &c. The biggest thing of the season, in the line of business, happened a few weeks since. Some of the boys had been roving around the country on a kind of “reconnoissance,” and among other matters of interest, they discovered, in the garden of a certain farm-house, three or four bee-hives, containing a large amount of most delicious honey. On consultation, it was determined that the honey should be “confiscated,” and contribute to sweeten the sugary teeth of the brave sons of Mars who captured it. Their plans were laid, and the expedition was to come off on a certain night. The night proved favorable to their design–so dark that nothing but a “stack of black cats” could excel it in the intenseness of its darkness. The party of ten or twelve started from camp, and after a number of amusing adventures, reached their destination. But all the danger was yet to come. The house was protected by two guards. To overcome this difficulty, they had to resort to strategy. They placed guards of their own at each door, and notified the occupants of the house that they were under arrest on some terrible charge, and at the same time admonished them to keep quiet, and to stay within doors, and that an officer would soon be around to make the search. In the mean time the balance of the party were scampering off with their prizes,–all made secure,–the self-constituted guard withdrew, and it was not till the next morning that the frightened rebels found out the sad havoc that had been made amongst their potatoes, honey, and barn-yard fowls by the “rascally Yankees.”

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