The conduct of two young ladies at Danville, on the occasion of the arrival of the rebels at that place was equal to Spartan courage. For many months a beautiful specimen of the national flag had floated from the residence of Mrs. Taylor, an estimable widow lady, and when the rebels took possession of Danville, it was but natural that they should seek to remove the hated emblem. A squad of half-a-dozen men was sent to Mrs. Taylor’s residence, to take possession of the flag, but they were confronted at the door of the residence by Miss Maria and Miss Mattie Taylor, the two accomplished and charming daughters of the patriotic widow, the young ladies announcing their determination to defend the cherished banner. The chivalrous half-dozen returned to their commander and reported that it would require a force equal to a full company to capture the flag, and a company was accordingly dispatched to make the capture. Arriving in front of Mrs. Taylor’s residence, the commander of the company demanded the surrender of the flag; but the two young ladies again made their appearance, bearing the flag between them, each armed with a revolver. In response to the demand for the flag, the ladies informed their persecutors that they would never surrender it to rebels, and, drawing their pistols, vowed that they would shoot the first rebel that polluted the sacred emblem with his foul touch. The company of rebels retired, leaving the ladies in quiet possession of their flag.

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