After the retreat of Shelby’s force from Boonville, Mo., a small bundle of papers was picked up on the street, left there by some systematic and sentimental Confederate in his hasty flight. First among this bundle was the log-book, containing a succinct diary of events, belonging to a rebel soldier. The leaves of the diary were composed of heavily ruled, coarse blue foolscap, and the cover made of wall-paper. It contained a chronology of daily events, of which the following is a specimen:

the 12 came to clinton
the 13 came to fort hutson and went boord the boat an started up the river.
14 still going up the river.
15 going up the river.
16 arrived at trinity on Black river.
17 awaiting at trinity for a Boat.
18 left Trinity.
19 got to monro.
20 crost the anames line
21 come to camden.

A few pages further on was a specimen of keeping accounts:

G Harden Detter
for work 26 days…….$26
for cofoy too Pounds….$14

Several pages of correspondence occurred after the writer arrived in Polk county, Missouri.

The writer wrote to his friend, that “wee hav plenty of corn bred and pore beefe to eat and sasafrass tee to drink,” and concluded, hopefully, thus:

“come wee will, come I hope wee will come in peace and can enjoy our lives as wee yewst to do bee fore the wore broke out.”

It will be seen by the following, that Pegasus accompanied Shelby in his raid, and was ridden by William H. Landreth:


1. father father bild Me a Boat
and pot it on the oason that I may float
her father was welthy he bilt her a Boat
and pot it on the oason that She Mite float
She Stepte on the Boat She cride out Goy
Now Il find my sweet salar Boy.

2. She handent Bin Sailen far on the Main
She Spide three Ships come in from Spain
She hailed each captain as he drew ni
An of him She did in quire of her swee Salar Boy.

3. Capttain Captain tell me trew
if my sweet william is in your crew
Il tell you far lady Il tell you My Dear
your Sweet William is not hear.

4. At the head of rockeyilent as we past By
Will was taken Sick and thare did die
She stove her boat a gants a rock
I thaut in my Soal her heart was Break
She rong her hand She toar her hair
Jest like a lady in dis pair.

5. go bring me a Cher for to set on
a pen and ink for to set it down
at the end or ever line she dropt a tire
at the end of ever virs it was o My dire.

6. go dig my grave booth Wide and deep
Poot a marvel Stone at my head an feet
an on my breast you may carv a dove
too let the world no that I dide for love.



1. At the foot of you Montain wher fountain do flow,
there is music to entertain me whar Plesent wind blow;
thare I spide a fair Damsel, a girl I a doar,
as she was a Walking on the new river Shoar.

2. I ask her rite kinley could She fancy Me,
all tho my fourtun is not grat that’s noth She She,
your Beuty is a neuf and it is you I a doar,
an it is you I will Mary on the new river Shoar.

3. As soon as her old father, this same come too her,
he swear he Wood de Prive mee of my Deares Dear.
he Sent me a way Wher loud canon do roar,
an left my Dear trulove on the new river shoar.

4. She rote Me a letter an in this letter these lines,
and in this letter these Words you May find:
Come Back My dear dewell for it you I a doar,
an it is you I Will Mary on the new river Shoar.

5. I Prused this letter I prused it moast Sad,
thare was non in that company culd Make My hart glad,
I drew out My Brawd Soard an onward did go,
to meet My dear tru love on the new river shoar.

6. As Son as her old father, tis same came to hear,
he Swar he wood de Prive Me of my derest der.
he rased him a army fooul twenty or Moar,
to fite a yong Soalger on the new river Shoar.

7. I Drew out My Brawd Soard an Waverd it round,
there is no yous, My little army, that you all kno,
to fight a yong Soalg on the new river Shoar.

8. So hard is the Coquest of all women kind,
they all Ways hav ruid, they all Ways confined;
they hav children to Squall an husban to scold,
Makes Many yong lases look Wethered and old.

W. H. L.

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