A young daughter of Baltimore wrote thus to a schoolmate and friend in Charleston:

BALTIMORE, May 16, 1861.

You must pardon me for intruding upon you an expression of my Southern sentiments. I so often think and speak of you with the rest of your friends, and I envy your living in the bosom of a home which we are denied. You cannot see as well as we how miserably our happiness, our liberty, our homes, have been sold by traitors, who would resk all this to be pampered minions of an Abe Lincoln and his party.

I can scarcely control myself while I am writing you. I am boiling over with indignation. I once prayed for peace; but now, next to begging the blessing of God, I pray–“Hurrah for Jeff Davis and the Southern Confederacy!” and, woman as I am, if I knew the way, I would walk out of Maryland, until my foot rested upon more Southern soil. You are happy indeed, and have nothing to contend with in comparison with us poor Baltimorians, or, I should have said, Marylanders; for here there are hearts that beat as warm to the South, as ever throbbed at the guns of Charleston. We are not conquered, and never will be; and God grant that before long the flag of secession may wave over our city and State. They we can run to the embraces of friends whom we love, though we know them not. It is sufficient we are all for the same cause–Southern rights.

It would amuse you exceedingly if you could hear the women talk. Some offer themselves as escorts to the gentlemen, who find it difficult to get out of the city; others are almost ready to hang old Hicks, and, but for the men, I believe they would; others, and I among the number, are ready to shoulder our muskets to defend the just and holy cause of the South, in case the men fail.

In the event of Maryland doing anything that would seem hostile to the South, do you, and beg your friends to, keep one sympathizing thought for those who are with you in spirit; for

“‘Tis home where’er the heart is.”

How I would love to be able to talk to you about old and new times!

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