In a car on a railroad which runs into New York, a scene occurred which will never be forgotten by the witnesses of it. A person dressed as a gentleman, speaking to a friend across the car, said, “Well, I hope the war may last six months longer. If it does, I shall have made enough to retire from business. In the last six months I’ve made a hundred thousand dollars–six months more and I shall have enough.”

A lady sat behind the speaker, and necessarily heard his remark; but when he was done she tapped him on the shoulder, and said to him: “Sir, I had two sons–one was killed at the battle of Fredericksburg, the other was killed at the battle of Murfreesboro.”

She was silent a moment, and so were all around who heard her. Then, overcome by her indignation, she suddenly slapped the speculator, first on one cheek, and then on the other, and before the fellow could say a word, the passengers sitting near, who had witnessed the whole affair, seized him, and pushed him hurriedly out of the car, as one not fit to ride with decent people.

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