“BULLE RUNNE, July ye twenty-firste;
Welle, here am I, alle righte,
And just returned from wytnessinge
Ye famouse Bulle Runne fighte.

“There was no fighte, there was no Bulle,
Unlesse itte mighte bee mee;
And I the oulie manne to runne,
At leaste thatte I could see.

“I satte me on a dystante hylle,
Fulle fyfteene myles awaye,
Thatte I mighte see ye soldierees kille,
Iffe anie came mye waye.

“I hadde a branne newe telescope,
And a bottelle of olde Porte,
Wytthe sandewytches, inne case I founds
Ye provenderre ranne shorte.

“Ande soone I sawe a monstrouse crowde
Fulle fyfteene myles awaye,
And cannones there were roarings loade,
And muskettes inne fulle playe.

“I satte mee there fromme earlie dawne
Untille ye settynge sunne,
And thenne I thoughte thatte certaynellie
Ye battelle muste bee done.

“I sawe no fighte, butte I muste write
As iffe I sawe itte alle,
Thoughe reallie I do believe,
Therre was no fighte atte alle.

“And thysse itte is mye judgemente,
Afterre carefulle studie mayde,
Thatte one syde is a cowarde,
And ye otherre is afrayde.

“I wisshe you woulde lette mee come home–
I’m tyred of alle thysse bustle;
I wysshe no more ye worlde to roame,
Youres truly, BILLIE RUSSELLS.”

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