Lieut.- Commander H. A. Adams, Jr., United States Navy, arrived at New Orleans, having been relieved of the command of the United States forces in Mississippi Sound by Lieut.-Commander Green. He recently sent his boat on shore, and desired the officer in charge to say that if any military officer received the flag, he would be glad to see him on board to arrange the business of the truce. As the boat returned, he saw an officer, who recognized him, but he could not make out who he was. When the boat came alongside, he went to the gangway to receive the stranger, and even helped him over the rail on deck, when he immediately found himself clasped in the arms of his own brother, one in command of the Confederate forces on shore, the other in command of the United States forces afloat. The meeting, under such circumstances, was, as you may imagine, a very painful one. After the business was over, and a brotherly chat had, they parted–the Confederate saying, as he got into the boat, “Whatever happens, Hal, recollect one thing00we will always be brothers.”

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