Captain Wood, of the Fourth Rhode Island regiment, was sailing around alone, a day or two after the occupancy of Carolina City, N. C., and seeing a suspicious schooner coming down towards the fort, he sailed alongside, and the following colloquy ensued:

“What kept you so long?” queried the Captain.

“Well, bad weather, &c., &c.,” responded the unsuspicious Skipper, adding, “have the Yankees got down this way yet?”

“O, no! They’re up towards Newbern, I hear.”

The Captain ingratiated himself, and told them his “nice new clothes” were the uniform of Branch’s men (rebels), who now were encamped at Carolina City.

He learned their cargo was salt, &c.: they had a mail, despatches, money, &c., for Colonel White, and finally, under pretext of seeing the “General” at the depot, got them to make fast to the railroad pier. The Skipper introduced Mr. —–, who piloted lots of vessels through our blockade, and two other men. The Captain chatted, and drew them unsuspiciously into the depot, where, fortunately, General Parke was, and introduced the four to the General.

“Well! I’m blowed if that ain’t the smartest Yankee trick yet! Well, I’ll have to gin in,” was the Skipper’s ejaculation.

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