Mr. H. Jallonack, of Syracuse, N. Y., exhibited to the editor of the Journal of that city a valuable relic–a Protestant Bible printed in German text two hundred and twenty-five years ago–the imprint bearing date 1637. The book was in an excellent state of preservation, the printing perfectly legible, the binding sound and substantial, and the fastening a brass clasp. The following receipt shows how the volume came into Mr Jallonack¬ís possession:–

NEW YORK, AUGUST 21, 1862.

Received of Mr. H. Jallonack one hundred and fifty dollars for a copy of one of the first Protestant Bibles published in the Netherlands, 1637, with the Proclamation of the King of the Netherlands. This was taken from a descendant Hollander at the battle before Richmond, in the rebel service, by a private of the Irish Brigade.

JOSEPH HEIME, M. D., 4 Houston Street.

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