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I'm a lover of God and His Son Jesus Christ. In addition I love to make yesterday's words come alive through the republishing of good and profitable books of old. The Civil War project is an ongoing labor of love. - Karan


The following was written across the back of one of those bills.

GREEN be thy back upon thee!
Thou pledge of happier days,
When bloody-handed treason
No more its head shall raise;
But still, from Maine to Texas,
The Stars and Stripes shall wave
O’er the hearts and homes of freemen,
Nor mock one fettered slave.

Pledge–of the people’s credit,
To carry on the war,
By furnishing the sinews
In a currency at par,
With cash enough left over,
When they’ve cancelled every note,
To buy half the thrones of Europe,
With the crowns tossed in to boot.

Pledge–to our buried fathers,
That sons of patriot sires,
On Freedom’s sacred altars,
Relight their glorious fires–
That fortune, life, and honor
To our country’s cause we give;
Fortune and life may perish,
Yet the Government shall live.

Pledge–to our unborn children,
That, free from blot or stain,
The flag hauled down at Sumter
Shall yet float free again;
And, cleansed from foul dishonor,
And rebaptized in blood,
Wave o’er the land forever,
To Freedom and to God!

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During the war, one of those lovely ladies, who devoted themselves to relieving the sufferings of the soldiers, was going through a ward of a crowded hospital. There she found two convalescent soldiers sawing and hammering, making such a noise that she felt it necessary to interfere in her gentle way.

“Why,” she said, “what is this?–what are you doing?”

“What we doin’? Makin’ a coffin–that’s what.”

“A coffin? indeed, and whom is it for?”

“Who for? that feller over there”—pointing behind him.

The lady looked, and saw a man lying on his white bed, yet alive, who seemed to be watching what was being done.

“Why,” she said, in a low voice, “that man isn’t dead. He is alive, and perhaps he won’t die. You had better not go on.”

“Go on! Yes, yes, we shall. The doctor he told us. He said, make the coffin; and I guess he know’d what he giv’ him.”

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WHILE MR. BUCHANAN was President, the Pottstown Bank came into existence, and out of compliment to him the notes contained his portrait. But during the war, the bank received so many mutilated notes, with the words “traitor,” “Judas Iscariot,” &c., inscribed under the portrait, that it was resolved to call in all the notes bearing the likeness, and re-issue new ones.

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Governor Yates, of Illinois, received a letter from a town in the south part of the State, in which the writer complained that traitors in his town had cut down the American flag, and asked what ought to be done in the premises. The Governor promptly wrote him as follows: “Whenever you raise the flag on your own soil, or on the public property of the State or county, or at any public celebration, from honest love to that flag, and patriotic devotion to the country which it symbolizes, and any traitor dares to lay his unhallowed hand upon it to tear it down, then I say, shoot him down as you would a dog, and I will pardon you for the offence.”

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