January 2008

New Blogs come and go. That’s the way it goes in the Blog world. This blog will be different than most. In the last several years I’ve taken up a labor of love that’s designed for you the reader. My recipe is simple enough. I like old books. Old literature that for all intents and purposes and for whatever reasons have lost their original audience but are sorely in need of being revived for future generations of readers. Perhaps a reader just like you. It is my hope your life will be touched by each post. Each post equals one story. Hopefully apart from my days of rest there will be a new story each and every day until the project is completed.

This particular project resonates with me strongly. Read the following Preface to the original . – Karan B.

——- Start Quote ——


In the preparation of this volume, it has been the design of the editor to preserve the most notable anecdotes and incidents of the late war, and such songs, ballads, and other pieces of versification as are worthy of perpetuation. The tragic incidents, humorous episodes, and brilliant and historic adventures of the conflict, all lie buried in the columns of inaccessible newspapers; and it is not strange, therefore, that the editor should almost daily, for years past, have received letters requesting a re-issue of the work. The present edition is published in response to that demand.

New York, 1882 F.M.

——- end quote ——-

Title: The CIVIL WAR in Song and Story (1860 – 1865)
Collected and Arranged by Frank Moore (Editor of “The Rebellion Record,”,”Diary of the American Revolution,”, etc.)
P.F. Collier, Publisher 1889

This work was entered by Act of Congress in the year 1865 by Frank Moore in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the United States, for the Southern District of New York.

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